Gawura Gallery Glen Innes is closing in the short term.


Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) health alert, Gawura Gallery has taken the advice of friends and family and will be closing the gallery in the short term.  Lloyd and Wendy will monitor the situation during this time and will advise you when we will re-open. 


During this time, Lloyd will be working hard to produce a new collection of works focusing on his stories and the history of Aboriginal Culture.   Join us on Facebook to watch these works develop.


We apologise for any inconvenience to the many visitors that come to the gallery, and our loyal local supporters; at this stage in our life, our health is the major priority to us both.


Lloyd and Wendy would like to  wish everyone the best of health and to stay safe during these trying times.






Lloyd Hornsby Gawura an Internationally acclaimed Yuin man has been painting and working with community for the past 15 years. His paintings are intensely optimistic in the way they use modern art as a vehicle for conveying ancient harmonies.

Lloyd is the owner operator and curator of Gawura Gallery.  Lloyd is on site to discuss Art and Aboriginal Culture.